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1. What is embroidery digitizing?
It is the process of converting the artwork image or picture into embroidery digital file format which the embroidery machine can read. The embroidery machine will then embroider the design onto your fabric the same as the artwork that has been converted.
2. How to get the design digitized?
First of all, you will need to fill out the Registration From. After you completed information, we will start working for you.
3. How to place an order?
There are 3 ways to place an order.
1. You can fill out the details and upload the image via order form.
2. You can email us directly at :service@bangkokdigitizing.com or
4. What format of artwork is acceptable?
There are .JPG, .BMP, .GIF, .EPS, .PDF, .AI, .CDR, etc. Please provide us the artwork which is clear enough for us to see all the details. JPG and GIF files are required the resolution at 300 dpi. For vector artwork, be sure to convert the fonts to curves or lines. If the fonts are not converted, we may see a different font and digitize the design incorrectly.
5. What digitized formats are available?
6. Can I send my own embroidery digitized file to you to have it changed?
Yes, we can edit or add new parts to your digitized file. You will be charged only for the new part.
7. How do I get my digitized design?
You can download it from your account using you ID and password to log in. click or we can send you by mail on request.
8. How long will it take to get my digitized design back?
It depends on your request when you place an order. Our standard turnaround time is 24-72 hours, rush service is available. If you cannot get your design on time, please contact us immediately. Maybe the mail system has troubles.
9. What is your office hour?
We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
10. How much is a design charged?
We charge it by the stitch count. Please you contact us to review our prices brochure.
11. How much does it cost to estimate designs stitch count?
Itís free of charge.
12. How is the payment handled?
You can complete the purchase by credit card through our secure online payment system, PayPal or wire transfer. Please refer to our Method of Payment click link for more information.
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