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1. Member Login
Before placing Order, you have to log in into your account first. To login, please click LogIn. In case that you donít yet have the Username and Password, please click SignUp

2. Order
After you logged in, please click at Order Form to place an Order. For your convenience and time-saving, please fill out all information and instructions. You can also Attach File(s) through this Order Form
3. Order Confirmation
After sending your order, you should receive our order confirmation within 12 hours. If not, please re-send your order.
4. Payment
The finished digitized file(s) will be uploaded to website; you can login using your password to check the status of your order. You can click at to complete the purchase.

5. Payment Confirmation
Please re-check the details you fill out, then Click Confirm to proceed the online payment through PayPal

6. Payment System PayPal
Please re-check all the details.
7. Fill out your credit details
Please complete all the details required. Visa, MasterCard, and Amex are welcome.
8. Payment Completed
The system will verify your credit card details. If there is no problem, the system will inform you: "Thank you! Your payment has been completed.", and automatically go back to www.bangkokdigitizing.com
9. Download File
After you completed the payment, please click at to download your file. If you have trouble in downloading, please Contact Us

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